The Habit Transforming Program

The Habit Transforming Program


How does it work?

This habit-based program will help you truly understand how important your habits are to achieve a healthy and lean body while showing you essential nutrition and lifestyle habits you need to put in place and follow through with every day. In this program, there is no mention of calories or complicated nutrition plans - it's all about making small yet high impact habit changes.

Who is it for?

This program is perfect for beginners (level 1) and developing individuals (level 2). Many people are just getting started on improving their nutrition and lifestyle, so you don't need customisation of information just yet, so here we will outline the basics first and leave the individualisation for later. Even those who consider themselves advanced would do well to review the basics first, even if just as a refresher.

How long does it last? 

It is recommended that each habit challenge is conducted for at least 2 weeks. There is a total of 11 habit challenges available in this program, giving a total duration of 22 weeks.

What is included?

  • Habit Coaching Blueprint (7-step process for you to follow) 
  • 11 Habit Challenges (record what you eat, eat every 3-4 hours without snacking, eat lean protein with every meal, eat fresh vegetables with every meal, eat carbohydrates based on activity, eat healthy fats with every meal, drink fresh water with every meal, improve your sleep routine, eat single ingredient foods, improve your gut health, reduce your stress)   
  • The Habit Starter Kit (Habit tracker sheet, meal planner, training planner, progress recorder, male portion control guide, female control guide) 

 Bonus inclusions

  • Powered by Body Rock Vitality - Complete valued at $99.95

Delivered to you in E-Book PDF Format. 

Terms & services: Program is to be followed to the recommendations.  Failure to do so will not result in habit transformation results. We take no responsibility for you not following the program. This is soley the purchasers responsibility. You will be only cheating yourself. 

  **this is a habit transformation program to result in habit transformation not weightloss**